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             Esteemed Participants:

I am Dağhan Aktaş and I will be serving you as Secretary General during this conference. Of course, some of you don't have any Mun conferences so let me explain what we are going to do during this conference. We have 7 committees in our conference and only 1 of the committees language is Turkish. We have DISEC Committee,DSÖ and ECOSOC committee, these two committees are the most suitable choices for unexperienced delegates. In these committees you will be debating about current world problems. Rest of our committees like NATO and Star wars are little bit harder then the rest of the committees and Star Wars committee is a crisis committee which will be really fun because each participant will act like as if they were there. They will face the situations in the Star Wars. The next committee is Attilla vs Rome which will be amazing. It is a JCC (Joint Crisis Committee) which will have a different procedure and it will have 2 different cabinets which are Rome and Attila, each side will try to overcome the other one. Our but not least committee is Court of Henry the V which is the most advanced committee of our conference, if you believe that you can overcome it come and give it a try but this committee is highly recommended for advanced delegates.

 Hope to see you on the conference!

                                                                 Dağhan Aktaş - Secretary General